VA Home Loans in Albuquerque, NM

With low interest rates and advantageous repayment terms, Veterans Administration (VA) home loans are the perfect option for active-duty military personnel, those who have been honorably discharged or qualifying family members. The experts at Infiniti Mortgage, LLC can help you select the perfect VA home loan for you and your family.

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VA Loan Requirements

Qualifying for a VA loan requires that you:

  • Be on active duty or have been honorably discharged
  • Be a qualifying spouse or family member of a veteran
  • Occupy the home purchased

We can go through the different VA loan requirements to determine if you are eligible for this type of loan.

Types of VA Home Loans

There are a few types of VA home loans, including:

  • VA home loans – A traditional VA home loan does not require a down payment for those who meet certain credit requirements. They usually have a much lower interest rate and closing costs than other types of home loans. You can also pay back this loan faster at no penalty.
  • VA jumbo loans – The current maximum loan that is insured by the government for a single family home is set at $417,000. With a VA jumbo loan, you are able to exceed that amount.
  • VA refinancing loans – If your credit score, employment or financial situation has changed, refinancing your VA home loan is an option. You have the ability to lower your interest rate, monthly payment or change the terms of your agreement.
  • VA streamline loans – Appraisal or income is often not required to secure this type of loan.

We will discuss the different VA home loans you might be eligible for during the pre-qualification process.

Pre-Qualify for a VA Home Loan

We take pride in helping the men and women who have served our country. Contact us to schedule a face-to-face prequalification appointment so we can determine if you qualify for a VA home loan today. We will go through your financial situation, your military history and credit score to determine what types of loan you might qualify for.